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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
CL19398: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Sage Crest03/22/2023ClassifiedSage Crest ElementaryApply
CL19416: Para/FP/BE/Multilingual Learners/LAP/Safety and Supervision03/22/2023ClassifiedSouthgate ElementaryApply
CL19423: Para/ECEAP - ECEAP (Multiple Positions)03/22/2023ClassifiedECEAPApply
CL19080: Para/SS/Tier II Behavioral Program - Edison03/22/2023ClassifiedEdison ElementaryApply
CL19426: School Safety Officer (CL19426)03/21/2023ClassifiedAdministration CenterApply
19388 - Third Grade Teacher (1.0 Non-Con)03/21/2023CertificatedSouthgate ElementaryApply
19393 - Summer School Nurse (2 positions)03/21/2023CertificatedDistrict WideApply
19413 - 6th Grade Science Teacher (1.0 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedChinook Middle SchoolApply
19364 - Resource Room Teacher (1.0 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19347 - Tier II Behavior Inclusion Teacher (1.0 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedCanyon View ElementaryApply
19392 - Summer School High School APEX Teacher03/17/2023CertificatedLegacy High SchoolApply
19391 - Summer School Special Services Teacher03/17/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19374 - Summer School Special Education Teacher03/17/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19411 - Special Services Summer School Teacher03/17/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19350 - Fifth Grade Teacher (1.0 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedWashington ElementaryApply
19373 - Elementary School Counselor (0.50 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedWashington ElementaryApply
19386 - First Grade Teacher (1.0 Con)03/17/2023CertificatedWashington ElementaryApply
CL19205: Para/SS/Resource Room/Bilingual Required - Fuerza03/17/2023ClassifiedFuerza ElementaryApply
CL19176: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Highlands03/17/2023ClassifiedHighlands Middle SchoolApply
19402 - Summer School APEX Social Studies Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19401 - Summer School APEX Science Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19400 - Summer School APEX Math Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19395 - Summer School APEX English Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedSouthridge High SchoolApply
19384 - Summer School APEX Social Studies Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19383 - Summer School APEX Science Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19382 - Summer School APEX Math Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19381 - Summer School APEX English Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19380 - Summer School APEX Math Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19379 - Summer School APEX English Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19378 - Summer School APEX Science Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19376 - Summer School APEX Social Studies Teacher03/16/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19329 - Assistant Principal03/15/2023CertificatedKennewick High SchoolApply
19294 - K-5 Math Adoption Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)03/14/2023CertificatedAdministration CenterApply
CL19358: Nutrition Services Cook - Canyon View03/09/2023ClassifiedCanyon View ElementaryApply
CL19189: Para/SS/LifeSkills 1-1 - Chinook03/09/2023ClassifiedChinook Middle SchoolApply
19171 - Speech and Language Pathologist (multiple positions)03/09/2023CertificatedDistrict WideApply
19339 - Resource Room Teacher (1.0 Con)03/08/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
19338 - Resource Room Teacher (1.0 Con)03/08/2023CertificatedKamiakin High SchoolApply
CL19352: Para/BE - Amistad03/07/2023ClassifiedAmistad ElementaryApply
CL19325: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Southridge02/27/2023ClassifiedSouthridge High SchoolApply
CL19295: Para/SS/Tier II Autism Inclusion Program - Cascade02/27/2023ClassifiedCascade ElementaryApply
CL19282: Para/FP/BE/Bilingual Preferred - Eastgate02/27/2023ClassifiedEastgate ElementaryApply
19211 - Resource Room Teacher (0.60 Non-Con)02/27/2023CertificatedAmistad ElementaryApply
CL18780: Para/FP/BE/Bilingual Required - Cascade02/27/2023ClassifiedCascade ElementaryApply
CL19289: Para/Middle School Tier II Behavior - Special Services02/23/2023ClassifiedSpecial Services/AdministrationApply
CL19286: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Canyon View02/23/2023ClassifiedCanyon View ElementaryApply
CL19281: Para/SS/Tier II Behavioral Program - Vista02/23/2023ClassifiedVista ElementaryApply
SRHSEC19273 - Assistant Football Coach (2 Positions)02/21/2023Extra-CurricularSouthridge High SchoolApply
KAHSEC19241 - Assistant Girls Swim Coach02/21/2023Extra-CurricularKamiakin High SchoolApply
KAHSEC19240 - Head Girls Swim Coach02/21/2023Extra-CurricularKamiakin High SchoolApply