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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
CL20160: Para/SS/Tier II Behavioral Program/Temporary - Canyon View12/08/2023ClassifiedCanyon View ElementaryApply
CL20157: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Kennewick12/08/2023ClassifiedKennewick High SchoolApply
SS19986: Para/SS/1-1 for Student with Disability/Temporary - Vista12/08/2023ClassifiedVista ElementaryApply
CL20152: Learning Supports and Programs Secretary/Bilingual Required12/07/2023ClassifiedFederal ProgramsApply
CL20154: Assistant Lead Custodian - Kennewick12/07/2023ClassifiedKennewick High SchoolApply
CL20155: Nutrition Services Kitchen Supervisor - Southridge12/07/2023ClassifiedSouthridge High SchoolApply
CL20153: Elementary Lead Cook - Amistad12/07/2023ClassifiedAmistad ElementaryApply
CL20150: Nutrition Services Cook - Cottonwood12/07/2023ClassifiedCottonwood ElementaryApply
CL20151: Para/SS/Tier III Autism Classroom/1-1 Support - Washington12/07/2023ClassifiedWashington ElementaryApply
CL20147: Para/SS/Resource Room - Southgate12/07/2023ClassifiedSouthgate ElementaryApply
CL20146: Para/ECEAP Preschool Program/Bilingual Preferred - ECEAP12/07/2023ClassifiedECEAPApply
CL20142: Para/FP/LAP/BE - Sage Crest12/07/2023ClassifiedSage Crest ElementaryApply
CL20140: Para/FP/LAP - Highlands12/07/2023ClassifiedHighlands Middle SchoolApply
CL20139: Para/BE - Chinook12/07/2023ClassifiedChinook Middle SchoolApply
CL20136: Para/FP/LAP - Washington12/07/2023ClassifiedWashington ElementaryApply
CL20135: Para/SS/Tier II Autism Program/Temporary - Southgate12/07/2023ClassifiedSouthgate ElementaryApply
CL20114: Security Personnel - Southridge12/07/2023ClassifiedSouthridge High SchoolApply
CL20018: Para/SS/Resource Room - Legacy12/04/2023ClassifiedLegacy High SchoolApply
KEHSEC20131 - Assistant Boys Tennis12/01/2023Extra-CurricularKennewick High SchoolApply
CL20063: Para/SS/Tier III Autism Classroom - Washington12/01/2023ClassifiedWashington ElementaryApply
KEHSEC20130 - Assistant Girls Soccer11/29/2023Extra-CurricularKennewick High SchoolApply
CL20129: Journeyman Mechanic - Transportation11/28/2023ClassifiedTransportation/MTSApply
CL20128: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Canyon View11/27/2023ClassifiedCanyon View ElementaryApply
CL20127: Para/SS/Tier II Autism Program (2 Positions) - Kamiakin11/27/2023ClassifiedKamiakin High SchoolApply
CL20115: Para/SS/Tier III Autism 1-1 - Amon Creek11/27/2023ClassifiedAmon Creek ElementaryApply
CL19868: Intervention Paraeducator (2 Positions) - District-Wide11/27/2023ClassifiedSpecial Services/AdministrationApply
20109 - Tier II Autism Inclusion Teacher (1.0 Con)11/17/2023CertificatedCascade ElementaryApply
CL20081: Para/FP/LAP/BE/Bilingual Preferred - Eastgate11/13/2023ClassifiedEastgate ElementaryApply
CL19908: Para/FP/LAP/BE/Bilingual Preferred - Eastgate11/13/2023ClassifiedEastgate ElementaryApply
CL19909: Para/FP/BE/Bilingual Preferred - Eastgate11/13/2023ClassifiedEastgate ElementaryApply
CL20107: Para/SS/Tier II Behavioral Program - Washington11/09/2023ClassifiedWashington ElementaryApply
CL20105: Para/SS/Preschool Student 1-1 - KDC11/09/2023ClassifiedKeewaydin Discovery CenterApply
CL20092: Para/SS/Tier III Autism Classroom - Kennewick11/09/2023ClassifiedKennewick High SchoolApply
CL19584: Para/SS/LifeSkills 1-1 - Horse Heaven Hills11/06/2023ClassifiedHorse Heaven Hills MIddle SchoolApply
CL20098: Para/SS/LifeSkills Classroom - Kamiakin11/02/2023ClassifiedKamiakin High SchoolApply
CL20096: Para/SS/Preschool (2 Positions) - KDC10/30/2023ClassifiedKeewaydin Discovery CenterApply
KAHSEC20090 - Assistant Boys Soccer Coach10/30/2023Extra-CurricularKamiakin High SchoolApply
CL20064: Para/SS/Tier III Autism Classroom - Washington10/12/2023ClassifiedWashington ElementaryApply
CL20035: Para/SS/Tier III Autism Classroom - Southridge09/27/2023ClassifiedSouthridge High SchoolApply
CL19996: Para/SS/Tier II Autism Program - Sunset View09/25/2023ClassifiedSunset View ElementaryApply
CL20020: Para/SS/Tier II Autism Program - Westgate09/19/2023ClassifiedWestgate ElementaryApply
CL19956: Para/SS/Tier II Middle School Behavioral Program (3 Positions) - District-Wide08/31/2023ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
2023-24 Emergency Substitute Teacher08/01/2023Substitute - CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2023-24 Substitute Teacher08/01/2023Substitute - CertifiedDistrict WideApply
2023-24 Substitute Paraeducator07/10/2023Substitute - ClassifiedDistrict WideApply
CL19715: Para/SS/1-1 for Student with Disability - Kamiakin07/03/2023ClassifiedKamiakin High SchoolApply
CL19426: School Safety Officer07/03/2023ClassifiedAdministration CenterApply
2023-24 Substitute Nutrition Services Worker12/22/2022Substitute - ClassifiedNutrition ServicesApply
2023-24 Substitute Custodian12/22/2022Substitute - ClassifiedMaintenance and OperationsApply
2023-24 Substitute Bus Attendant12/22/2022Substitute - ClassifiedTransportation/MTSApply